Have you ever wondered why, after just two seasons in the NFL, Nick Saban decided to make a return to the college game? It wasn’t just Alabama offering a great salary or the head coach being tired of the professional ranks. According to FOX’s Jay Glazer, there’s a little more to the story.

Speaking on FOX Sports recently, Glazer shared a story about Saban, and it paints a pretty clear picture as to why college football’s greatest coach decided to dip out of the NFL after just two seasons with the Miami Dolphins. Per Glazer, two players wanted to fight the head coach.

Saban was the head coach of the Dolphins from 2005-06, making a return to college after the 2006 season. He was 9-7 in his first year in the league before falling to 6-10 the next season. Miami didn’t make the playoffs either year, and it may be because Daunte Culpepper and Zach Thomas wanted to fight their head coach.

“I mean, Nick Saban, the reason why he didn’t make it in the NFL? Daunte Culpepper tried to fight him one day and a security guy stepped in,” Glazer said. “And then I think his final straw was that he questioned Zach Thomas’s toughness. And Zach almost kicked his butt. It just doesn’t work on that level.”

Having those two guys in your face would probably make anyone debate leaving Miami.

The move out of the NFL certainly worked out just fine for Saban. In his return to college football, Saban has led Alabama to six national titles, including one this season.

Saban has now one seven titles at the college level, most for any coach. So maybe his decision to dodge the NFL — and a few fights — paid off, after all.