The Chiefs resorted to a children’s game to nearly pull off a TD against the Raiders on Saturday.

From the 15 yard line with Kansas City on offense, the Chiefs entered what looked like a standard huddle. But just a few seconds later, the huddle ring starts moving as players remained shoulder to shoulder. The players move faster, and the circle starts to spin before the huddle breaks up and players head to the line of scrimmage. Then, QB Patrick Mahomes lined up as a running back.

The announcers were baffled by the move, calling it a “carousel action” that they’ve never seen before. Eagle eyed fans recognized the child’s activity immediately, calling it “Ring Around the Rosie.”

Despite the oddness of play, it worked, at least temporarily, to put 6 on the board for the Chiefs. The score was negated by a holding call against Kansas City shortly after Kadarius Toney stepped into the end zone.

The Chiefs have time for some shenanigans against the Raiders, as they have already locked up a playoff birth this season. A win against the Raiders would afford Kansas City homefield advantage.