RJ Young has released his updated top 25 rankings following a wild penultimate week of college football.

For the most part, they are pretty fair this time around โ€“ though Tennessee should probably be lower for losing in horrible fashion to South Carolina. Even if the Vols knocked off Alabama and LSU earlier in the season. North Carolina dropping minimally after losing to Georgia Tech is also a cause for concern.

It seems everything, like everyone predicted, is going to come down to The Game in Week 13. If Ohio State wins, they’re likely in the playoff and vice versa.

Otherwise, Georgia seems like a lock for the Playoff, as does TCU if it can win out. USC seems to be in favorable position to run the table and earn a spot of its own, too. If the Trojans lose once more, look for the loser of The Game to possibly sneak in as a 4-seed.