Negotiations are reportedly heating up between the Rose Bowl and College Football Playoff again. ESPN’s Heather Dinich reported that the Rose Bowl was given a deadline to be included in the 2024 College Football Playoff.

Earlier this season it was reported that talks were underway for the bowl game to be included in the upcoming 12-team expansion.

If the Rose Bowl and College Football Playoff can’t reach an agreement before this Wednesday, the iconic bowl game might not be included.

A source from the CFP talked about how much they want the Rose Bowl to be included. However, there is no guarantee at this time.

“We want the Rose Bowl,” a CFP source said. “We have a good partnership with the six bowls we are affiliated with. We do. And we want to continue with that. I hope the Rose Bowl will be part of that, but there’s no guarantee in any of that. None.”

Hopefully the two can reach an agreement soon.