What are we doing here, NFL?

Chris Jones of the Kansas City Chiefs sacked Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, stripping the ball in the process on Monday Night Football. It seemed like a normal strip sack.

One hitch. Referees called it roughing the passer, negating the fumble and eliciting quite the uproar from the Chiefs faithful in attendance.

See for yourself. Was this worthy of a roughing the passer call?

To anybody that has watched football before, the answer is No. The NFL has begun cracking down on roughing calls after Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s incident last week where he was taken to the hospital after a scary hit to the head.

On Sunday, social media reacted to a similarly bad call on the Falcons against Tom Brady.

The Falcons eventually lost that game in a close one. On Monday’s instance, the Raiders were able to drive the remainder of the field and nail a field goal rather than a Chiefs recovering the ball beyond midfield.

Social media was practically ablaze after the controversial call.