Stopping the run is still the most important thing in college football. Yes, even in an era when teams are capable of putting up 500 yards or more through the air, eliminating a rushing attack is still king.

A lot of B1G teams took care of business in that area this weekend.

Ten B1G teams allowed 100 yards or less on the ground in their Week 1 contest, with the only teams surrendering more being Purdue, Northwestern, Minnesota and Rutgers. To go one step further, the five best defensive teams against the run all permitted fewer than 50 yards.


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Nobody was as dominant as Michigan State, who stuffed Tulsa behind the line of scrimmage all game long. The Golden Hurricanes finished the day with -73 yards on the ground, which was a remarkable feat for both teams, really.

Here’s a quick look at just how good most of the B1G was at stopping the run over the last three days:

  • Michigan State: -73 yards allowed on 25 attempts (vs. Tulsa)
  • Maryland: 1 yard allowed on 38 attempts (vs. Howard)
  • Penn State: 4 yards allowed on 28 attempts (vs. Idaho)
  • Ohio State: 22 yards allowed on 33 attempts (vs. FAU)
  • Wisconsin: 26 yards allowed on 23 attempts (vs. USF)
  • Iowa: 59 yards allowed on 25 attempts (vs. Miami (OH))
  • Illinois: 64 yards allowed on 38 attempts (vs. Akron)
  • Michigan: 67 yards allowed on 28 attempts (vs. MTSU)
  • Nebraska: 83 yards allowed on 44 attempts (vs. S. Alabama)
  • Indiana: 100 yards allowed on 40 attempts (vs. Ball State)