Alabama ran over Ohio State on Monday night in the College Football Playoff Championship. Fitting that Forrest Gump took to running the streets of Tuscaloosa afterwards.

Faster than you can say “a box of chocolate,” a man dressed like fictional movie character Forrest Gump was spotted dotting in and out of people after the Crimson Tide rolled the Buckeyes.

Gump, of course played by Tom Hanks, infamously suited-up for Alabama in the movie, one of the many plot twists of the critically acclaimed film.

The character being lampooned in Tuscaloosa on Monday night is the night college-era Gump of the 1960s but an older one who helped kickstart the jogging phase:

The Crimson Tide didn’t need Gump in winning the national championship on Monday night. In a 52-24 win over Ohio State, the Tide’s offense was simply at another level.

Running back Najee Harris had 79 rushing yards and 79 receiving yards and 3 total touchdowns on 29 touches. Quarterback Mac Jones was 36-of-45 for 464 yards with 5 touchdowns.

Wide receiver DeVonta Smith vaulted himself into being a likely top five pick in April’s NFL Draft with 12 catches for 215 yards with 3 touchdowns.

As an aside, Gump went undrafted despite an apparently dominant career that saw him once run a kick return right outside of the stadium.