Move aside, Rutgers! There’s a new candidate for the craziest play of the 2020 football season!

It came from Saturday’s game between Western Michigan and Ball State, and it surprises absolutely no one that MACtion had some shenanigans going on. The play started at the end of regulation with the Broncos trailing by three points and needing to cover over 50 yards for a touchdown.

Shortly after the snap, the laterals began all across the field. After a number of laterals, one Western Michigan player dropped the ball and a couple of Ball State players tried to jump on it.

Unfortunately, neither player secured possession, but the sideline erupted as if the game was over. Players from both teams began flooding the field as flags were thrown while the players kept the play going.

Western Michigan would eventually score on the play, momentarily giving the Broncos the wild walk-off win. Unfortunately, they were flagged for an illegal forward pass on the play, wiping out the wild score and giving Ball State the win.

Here is the madness in all of its glory: