A scary moment occurred in the closing moments of Saturday’s Top 25 ACC showdown between No. 24 Louisville and No. 21 Pitt, when Cardinals starting quarterback Malik Cunningham had to be stretchered off the field.

With Louisville trailing 23-20 with under two minutes to play, Cunningham was attempting to make a play on 4th down in an attempt to keep the Cardinals offense on the field. But when he was wrapped up by a Pitt defender, Cunningham hit the turf awkwardly, with his head slamming into the ground.

Cunningham was lying on the ground for several minutes and was not moving much. Trainers called for the quarterback to be taken off the field on a stretcher due to the injury.

It was a scary moment, but Cunningham did give his teammates a thumbs up as he was about to be taken off the field. Hopefully, that’s a good sign from the quarterback.

Pitt closed out the game with a 23-20 win.