The Big Ten may have radically different dynamics than what Scott Frost was prepared for when he signed on to coach at Nebraska.

With Urban Meyer’s status as Ohio State head coach uncertain, the power structure of the conference hangs in the balance. Meyer’s Buckeyes were favorites to win another conference title and potentially make another College Football Playoff appearance. As for a long-term impact, OSU would be challenged as consistent a recruiter as Meyer (especially one with the same level of success as a head coach).

At the end of Frost’s Thursday press conference, he was asked if he had any reaction to what was going on at Ohio State. He made it clear that he didn’t feel right offering opinions on the Buckeyes’ business, but also made sure a point to offer sympathy to victims of domestic violence. At the heart of the Ohio State matter is what Meyer knew about former assistant coach Zach Smith’s alleged domestic violence against his ex-wife, Courtney Smith.

“It’s just unfortunate,” Frost said. “I think everybody would agree with that. I think our thoughts and prayers need to be with everyone, particularly any victim of anything like that. It’s not my place to comment on something that’s happening at another university. Just hope that everybody’s that been affected by that lands in a good place.”