The almighty SEC is 0-4 in bowl games? Yes, that is correct; the SEC is 0-4 in bowl games this holiday season.

“It Just Means More” is the SEC’s mantra, except during Bowl Season when the SEC does poorly, the players do not care about the bowl games. If the SEC were 4-0, we would not hear the end of how great the SEC is.

Here are the 4 bowl games that the SEC has already lost, including 2 games vs. service academies:

  • Armed Forces Bowl Army 24, Missouri 22
  • Gasparilla Bowl UCF 29, Florida 17
  • Birmingham Bowl No. 20 Houston 17, Auburn 13
  • Liberty Bowl Texas Tech 34, Mississippi State 7

Before the Tuesday evening loss, all 3 of the SEC’s losses were against non-Power 5 opponents.

The SEC still has some colossal bowl games plus 2 Playoff games that could easily result in an all-SEC National Championship Game. For now, the SEC looks like one of the worst conferences so far during this Bowl Season.

The SEC bias usually gets the benefit of the doubt during the season, and that’s why teams who have 3 or 4 losses sometimes are puzzling ranked high in the eyes of the College Football Playoff Committee.

No matter what, though you cannot hide your record from other conferences in Bowl Season. The SEC will have to play catch up the rest of this Bowl Season.