Jaylen McCollough, a Tennessee safety, was reportedly arrested by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday. The news was reported on by Adam Sparks of the Knoxville New Sentinel.

McCollough has been a four-year starter since joining the Volunteers’ program in 2019. Head coach Josh Heupel has not commented on the arrest yet, but will be speaking at a press conference on Monday.

According to the arrest warrant, Zion Spencer was partying with friends when he went to go get something from his car. Spencer then accidentally went into the wrong house, and was chased by McCollough who started to punch him in the face. Spencer fell down some stairs during the fight and was knocked unconscious.

McCollough came back to the scene after being called by his girlfriend, and there was a bloody bandage on one of his hands. McCollough went into police custody without issue.

Losing McCollough could be a big blow to the Tennessee defense, who will need all the help they can get with Alabama coming to town in Week 7. This is the first time in awhile that both teams are undefeated heading into the game.

Tennessee and Alabama kicks off Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.