On Saturday, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin stirred the pot after retweeting a tweet complaining about a missed call in the Rebels’ 28-25 loss to Auburn. Now, Kiffin is paying the price.

In a statement released Monday, the SEC did admit to the missed call but also fined Kiffin for his use of social media to admit dismay with the officiating.

The play in question is related to a kickoff return during Saturday’s game. As the ball bounced, it appeared to brush a Tiger player’s hand and was picked up by Ole Miss and returned for a touchdown.

The officials did not see it that way and did not rule it a fumble. After some plea to review the play, the officiating crew opted not to take a look at the play. That caused Kiffin to question the decision on the team’s postgame radio show and eventually retweet a post complaining about the SEC.

At the moment, many predicted that retweet would cost Kiffin financially. That was confirmed Monday.

Along with the fine, the league did admit that the play should have been reviewed. But it’s almost too little, too late for Ole Miss’ chances of winning that game and too little, too late for Kiffin to get his $25,000 back.