This past Saturday, on Nov. 16, the University of Texas Permian Basin Falcons played their final game of the season. It was Senior Day, and the Falcons ended their season with a 70-14 win to finish at 4-7 overall.

It is only the Falcons’ fourth year of existence as a football program.

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During the 56-point shellacking to end the season on a high note, one of the Falcons players — John O’Kelley — intercepted a pass to end the first half. He was running to return the interception for a touchdown, but noticed a teammate was closely behind him, helping finish off the play.

What did O’Kelly do?

He handed the ball off to that teammate — senior linebacker Chris Hoad — so that Hoad could score in his final collegiate game:

Isn’t this awesome? And, didn’t you like the celebration afterwards? Minnesota would appreciate that.

Unfortunately, the celebration got flagged. Whatever.

The Falcons won by 56. It didn’t matter.

Awesome play and an awesome celebration tied into one. What more can you ask for?