Every girl dreams of that time when their boyfriend gets down on one knee, with ring in hand and asks the question that’ll change their lives forever.

More than likely Florida State redshirt junior offensive lineman Brady Scott took a look at the Seminoles schedule at the beginning of the season, and figured Saturday’s game with Jacksonville State would be a sufficient blowout at home to make for the perfect celebratory atmosphere — the perfect time to ask that question of his girlfriend Makala Peirce.


In case you don’t know, Jacksonville State upset the Seminoles, 20-17.

Presumably Brady wouldn’t have much trouble coordinating both families to be on hand, as Makala is an FSU alum and having families at the games is commonplace. Plus, all the frenzy from the victory would be the perfect backdrop for the photo that could be shared with generations to come.

Only problem is, the wrong team is celebrating.

Hopefully, Makala said yes.