A reform bill being introduced before the Senate on Thursday could have a dramatic impact on college sports, paving the way for drastic changes to intercollegiate athletics. In fact, it could be a complete undoing of the NCAA as we know it.

The bill paves the way for college athletes, currently amateurs, to get paid beyond their likeness and could see athletes get a share of revenue they generate for their respective athletic department.

There would also be greater medical provisions in the bill including a medical trust.

The bills is co-sponsored by senators Richard Blumenthal and Cory Booker.

The aptly titled ‘College Athlete Bill of Rights’ would be a total overhaul of the college athletic system under the NCAA which, to this point, has not allowed athletes to profit from their likeness.

In addition, transfer penalties would be lifted, scholarships would become guaranteed until graduation and athletic departments would be required to disclose revenue as well as the salaries of personnel.