Cyber Monday may have new meaning in the college football world moving forward. At least this season, it was a day when dozens of players entered their name in the NCAA transfer database, exploring other opportunities outside of their current situation.

According to Matt Zenitz of, 61 players leaped into the transfer portal on Monday, the first weekday after the college football season ended. Coastal Carolina saw 10 (!) players enter and the SEC accounted for nine. The B1G had four players enter the portal.

Those four players were:

  • Ben Davis, OL, Minnesota
  • Nate Ulmor, OL, Minnesota
  • Bennett Skowronek, WR, Northwestern
  • Matt Judd, WR, Illinois

With so many coaching changes coming on Sunday and Monday, it’s easy to understand why so many players might be reconsidering their current situations. Other players might be looking for a better fit or more playing time, as well.

Obviously, there are several reasons a player may want to transfer. With the new transfer portal, doing so has been made much more player friendly. Still, seeing over five dozen players enter the portal on one day seems like a huge number.

That number will only continue to grow in the coming days and weeks, though.