SMU is putting its unique spin on a turnover prop this season.

A few years ago, Miami invented the “Turnover Chain,” rewarding defensive players who forced a turnover with the chain on the sidelines. In the years since the Hurricanes became the talk of the college football world with this unique incentive, other teams are putting their spin on the idea.

For SMU, it’s created “Club Takeaway,” complete with bottle service and confetti. It was on full display on Saturday night, as SMU opened its college football season against Texas State.

Below are some of the clips after SMU forced a few turnovers in the game:

The player who collects the turnover is rewarded with a champagne bottle, which fires off confetti when popped. It’s another unique twist on the “Turnover Chain” incentive from Miami.

It’s just more proof that there’s really no sport quite like college football.