One-half of the Big Ten championship game is already half-decided. Either Michigan or Ohio State is guaranteed to represent the East Division at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Since the Buckeyes and Wolverines play each other, it is impossible for the division champion to finish with more than 2 losses. And since Penn State has lost to both teams already, every variation of a 7-2 tiebreaker favors Michigan or Ohio State. (This is not suggesting there’s any chance of that happening, either. It’s merely mathematical proof that the East is semi-clinched.)

But for teams approaching Indianapolis from the West, the road remains wide open thanks to last Saturday’s results. After Illinois’ loss to Michigan State and Purdue’s loss to Iowa, 5 teams still have a feasible path to play in the B1G title game.

Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota all have pathways to Indy. With their 1-game lead over the other 4 teams, the Fighting Illini obviously have the clearest road. But with Michigan looming as a roadblock, there’s nothing easy about Illinois’ quest.

If the Illini break down on the side of the road, the field is poised to pass them by.

So get your Maps app ready. These are the coordinates required for each contender in the B1G West to reach Indianapolis.

Illinois (4-2 in B1G, 4-0 in B1G West)

The easy path to Indy: Win out, OR Beat Purdue and Northwestern.

The scenic route to Indy: Lose to Purdue, beat Michigan and Northwestern AND have Purdue lose to Northwestern or Indiana.

The convoluted detour to Indy: Lose to Purdue, beat Michigan and Northwestern. However, Purdue wins out. In that scenario, Iowa OR Wisconsin must also win out, creating a 3-way tie at 6-3.

Both Illinois and Iowa/Wisconsin would be 5-1 in the West, at which point the head-to-head outcome becomes the tiebreaker. Advantage, Illini.

See? Told you it was convoluted.

Odds of making it: Much like real life, the road from Champaign-Urbana to Indianapolis is a straight shot.

If the Illini beat Purdue, there’s no chance of missing the championship game outside of a season-ending loss to Northwestern. And even if that does happen, Illinois has a tiebreaker over any other team that would finish 5-4.

Wisconsin (3-3 in B1G, 2-1 in B1G West)

The path to Indy: Win out AND Illinois finishes 1-2 or worse.

Odds of making it: A heck of a lot better than they were the day Paul Chryst was fired.

Illinois potentially has its hands full with Purdue, and then will be an overwhelming underdog at Michigan. It’s pretty plausible that the Illini could lose twice.

Wisconsin visits Iowa and Nebraska before closing against Minnesota at Camp Randall.

Iowa (3-3 in B1G, 2-1 in B1G West)

The path to Indy: Win out AND Illinois finishes 1-2 or worse.

Odds of making it: A heck of a lot better than they were the month that everyone outside of the Ferentz family wanted Brian Ferentz to be fired.

If Purdue beats Illinois, the Iowa-Wisconsin winner becomes the favorite to win the West. And it’s hard not to feel really good about the Hawkeyes if Iowa beats the Badgers. The Hawks have 7 straight wins over both Minnesota and Nebraska — their final 2 opponents to close out the season.

Purdue (3-3 in B1G, 2-2 in B1G West)

The easy path to Indy: Win out AND have Iowa and Wisconsin finish 2-1 or worse.

The scenic route to Indy: Beat Illinois, but lose to Northwestern or Indiana. In this case, Illinois must lose to either Michigan or Northwestern. Minnesota must win out. Iowa and Wisconsin must both finish 1-2. This creates a 3-way tie between Illinois, Purdue and Minnesota at 5-4, which the Boilermakers would win thanks to head-to-head wins over both.

Odds of making it: It’s going to take some top-notch Purdue engineering to pull this off. The fact that the Boilers need help even if they win out is troubling.

The good news: either Iowa or Wisconsin is guaranteed to lose a game. The bad news: one of those teams is guaranteed a win, and therefore has a shot at finishing 3-0.

Minnesota (3-3 in B1G, 1-2 in B1G West)

The path to Indy: Win out, have Purdue lose any game AND Illinois finish 1-2.

Odds of making it: If your odds of success hinge on the Northwestern Wildcats and Indiana Hoosiers — well, we wish you the best of luck.

After facing the Cats this week, the Gophers have a tough close-out. Minnesota will try to break its 7-game losing streak to Iowa in the home finale before finishing at Wisconsin.

The good news is, that toughness comes with opportunity. Minnesota can assure itself of finishing ahead of the Hawkeyes and Badgers.

What Minnesota cannot control is the fact it has already lost to Illinois and Purdue. Realistically, the Gophers need Purdue to beat Illinois, and then lose to Northwestern or Indiana. A scenario in which Minnesota wins the West via Indiana beating Purdue would become the stuff of legend in Bloomington, Indiana AND Bloomington, Minnesota.

The multi-car pileup scenario

Nebraska (2-4 in B1G, 0-4 in West)

The path to Indy: Win out, starting with a win at Michigan this week, AND have Illinois lose out AND have Purdue lose to Northwestern and Indiana AND have Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota all finish 1-2. Since Nebraska still faces Wisconsin and Iowa, all of those things could actually occur.

And if it did occur, the Huskers would finish 6-7 after losing the Big Ten championship game to Ohio State.

Odds of making it: If no one had won this week’s Powerball drawing, there might still be enough luck in the air for fortune to smile on the Huskers. But now some new billionaire has withdrawn all that luck from the atmosphere. Also, Casey Thompson is injured. And you have more chance of winning the next Powerball than Nebraska has winning 3 games with its backup quarterbacks.