In about a week, bowl games will start to occupy our television screens. Fans across the country will be consuming college football in mass doses as it’s the final month before the sport goes away for a painfully long offseason.

There are 39 games this postseason, meaning 78 teams will be in action during bowl season. And while we’d like to watch every single game, there are probably some we’ll have to miss.

Sports Illustrated went through the practice of ranking the watchability of all 39 games this postseason. Since this is a B1G site, we picked out the B1G games, and saw where they ranked. None are outside of the top 25 and six of the nine games rank in the top 10.

Here’s a look at how SI ranked all nine B1G bowl games, based on watchability:

  • No. 24: Redbox Bowl — Illinois vs. Cal
  • No. 22: Holiday Bowl — Iowa vs. USC
  • No. 13: Pinstripe Bowl — Michigan State vs. Wake Forest
  • No. 10: Gator Bowl — Indiana vs. Tennessee
  • No. 9: Cotton Bowl — Penn State vs. Memphis
  • No. 6: Outback Bowl — Minnesota vs. Auburn
  • No. 4: Citrus Bowl — Michigan vs. Alabama
  • No. 3: Rose Bowl — Wisconsin vs. Oregon
  • No. 2: Fiesta Bowl — Ohio State vs. Clemson

You can view the full list here.