The number of incredible moments that have occurred on a college gridiron are too plentiful to count. Still, ESPN’s SportsCenter went through the difficult task of trying to narrow down the 10 best in the 150-year history of the sport.

A few B1G games and moments were mentioned in the top 10.

Only two B1G moments cracked the top 10 — Colorado’s “Miracle at Michigan” from 1994 and the 1969 matchup between Ohio State and Michigan. The “Miracle at Michigan” ranked No. 8 on the list while the 1969 version of “The Game” was No. 7.

From 247Sports on “The Miracle at Michigan”:

This game is dubbed the “Miracle at Michigan” and a fan favorite in Buffaloes lore. No. 7 Colorado trailed No. 4 Michigan 26-14 heading into the 4th quarter but quarterback Kordell Stewart would lead the epic comeback. With just six seconds left, Stewart heaved a rock hail mary pass 64 yards down field and the ball fell into the hands of wide receiver Michael Westbrook after a planned deflection, giving Colorado the 27-26 victory on the road in the Big House. Colorado couldn’t answer Michigan’s deficit until the end where they scored their final two touchdowns in the last 2:16 of the game.

And on “The Game” from 1969:

This was the beginning of the epic “Ten Year War” between the two rivals from 1969-78, where the two schools split the 10 games. In the first edition of this epic 10 game stretch, the No. 1 undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes traveled to Ann Arbor to take on the No. 12 Michigan Wolverines. Michigan would go onto win the game 24-12 with all points being scored in the first half, but the monumental upset for Michigan led them to the Rose Bowl and it was Ohio State’s final game of the 1969 season after rolling through their competition throughout the season. Michigan would go onto lose the Rose Bowl to USC, but the game sparked one of the most iconic stretches in “The Game’s” history.

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