The heart of B1G season has finally arrived. There are seven games on the schedule this weekend, six of which are conference matchups. This is the fun time of year.

It’s also the fun time of year for our weekly picks. By Week 5, we’ve usually seen enough from each team to make educated guesses about which teams will cover and which won’t. So, hopefully, we’ll produce some good results moving forward.

Last weekend was a good one for most of us. Connor O’Gara, Paul Harvey and myself all finished with 4-2 marks, while Kevin Cunningham was the only one to go under .500. Connor is still in the lead with Paul not far behind.

  • Connor O’Gara: 4-2 (24-16)
  • Paul Harvey: 4-2 (22-18)
  • Dustin Schutte: 4-2 (19-21)
  • Kevin Cunningham: 2-4 (14-26)

Those are the kind of results we’d like to see every week. So we’ll see if we can keep things going.

There are a lot of interesting matchups scheduled for this weekend, and there are some tough spreads to try to predict. But we’ll give it our best shot, like we do every week.

Here are our B1G Week 5 picks against the spread:

Week 5 Games Connor Paul Kevin Dustin
#12 Penn St. (-6.5) vs. Maryland   Penn St.   Penn St.   Penn St.   Penn St.
N’Western vs. #8 Wisconsin (-23.5)   N’Western   Wisconsin   Wisconsin   Wisconsin
MTSU vs. #14 Iowa (-23)   MTSU    Iowa   MTSU   MTSU
Rutgers vs. #20 Michigan (-27)   Rutgers    Rutgers   Michigan   Michigan
Minnesota vs. Purdue (Even)   Purdue    Minnesota   Minnesota   Minnesota
Indiana vs. #25 Michigan St. (-14)   Indiana    Indiana   Michigan St.   Michigan St.
#5 Ohio State (-18) vs. Nebraska   Nebraska    Nebraska   Nebraska   Ohio St.