The first week of the college football season was a bit of a letdown in Week 1. Yes, of course we were happy to have the world’s greatest sport back in our lives for an entire weekend. From a matchup perspective, though, things were pretty “meh.”

Week 2 is the complete opposite. Three B1G teams will be playing Power Five opponents, Rutgers and Iowa go head to head in the first conference game of the season, Minnesota travels to Fresno State, and Michigan and Ohio State will have their hands full with Army and Cincinnati, respectively.

Yeah, things are much more interesting this Saturday.

Last week, the B1G ended with a 12-2 mark, but none of our experts were nearly that good. With only 13 games to pick from last week, national columnist Connor O’Gara was the only to post a plus-.500 mark, going 9-4. Kudos to that accomplishment. The rest of us, not so great. Here’s a look at the standing after Week 1 in our picks:

  1. Connor O’Gara — 9-4
  2. Dustin Schutte — 6-7
  3. Paul Harvey — 5-8
  4. Kevin Cunningham — 2-11

Hopefully things will look a little better on our end in Week 2. Here are our B1G picks for this weekend:

Week 2 Games Connor Paul Kevin Dustin
Vanderbilt vs. Purdue (-7) Vandy Vandy Purdue Purdue
Cincinnati vs. #5 Ohio St. (-16) Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Cincinnati
Army vs. #7 Michigan (-22.5) Army Army Army Michigan
Rutgers vs. #20 Iowa (-19) Rutgers Iowa Iowa Rutgers
#21 Syracuse vs. Maryland (-2) Syracuse Maryland Maryland Syracuse
C. Mich. vs. #17 Wisconsin (-35) C. Mich. Wisconsin C. Mich. Wisconsin
#25 Nebraska (-3.5) vs. Colorado Colorado Nebraska Colorado Nebraska
Illinois (-20) vs. UConn UConn Illinois Illinois Illinois
E. Illinois vs. Indiana (-35.5) E. Illinois E. Illinois E. Illinois E. Illinois
Buffalo vs. #15 Penn St. (-30) Penn St. Penn St. Penn St. Penn St.
W. Mich. vs. #19 Mich. St. (-16) Mich. St. Mich. St. W. Mich. Mich. St.
Minnesota (-3) vs. Fresno St. Minnesota  Fresno St.  Minnesota  Minnesota