For the B1G division winners, it was a bowl season to forget.

Alabama trounced Michigan State 38-0 on Thursday in the College Football Playoff, which eliminated the B1G’s chance at winning its second straight national title. While Ohio State and Michigan picked up convincing victories, the B1G still suffered two blowout losses.

The second of which was Iowa, which was a hot topic in the midst of its 12-0 start. The Hawkeyes didn’t have an answer for Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey, who set a Rose Bowl record for all-purpose yards.

After McCaffrey ran all over Iowa, one Stanford player ran his mouth about the B1G.

“The Big Ten has a lot of pub, (but) they had a couple big blowouts the last two days, so it kind of goes to show they got exposed,” Stanford offensive lineman Kyle Murphy told the Associated Press. “It shows a four-team playoff probably isn’t the best way, because you don’t know who the four best teams are.”

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Stanford, as you’ll recall, had two regular season losses while Michigan State only had one. Ironically enough, one of those losses was to Northwestern. The Wildcats held Stanford without a touchdown in the season opener.

And who was Stanford’s other loss to? Oregon, at home. That’s the same Oregon team that lost to Michigan State, which was one of the B1G teams he questioned.

Murphy was calling for a playoff expansion so that Power Five conference champions wouldn’t get left out of the field. But in the mean time, two loss-teams will likely be on the outside looking in.

All Stanford had to do to make the four-team field, of course, was win its season opener…against a B1G team.