Ohio sports betting will officially launch at midnight on Jan. 1, 2023, according to the executive director of the Ohio Casino Control Commission. A start time had not yet been announced before today, only the date of the universal launch

Rather than launch Ohio sports betting during an arbitrary time on Jan. 1, 2023, Ohio Casino Control Commission Executive Director Matthew T. Schuler said sports betting in the Buckeye State will commence immediately in the New Year.

Ohio Sports Betting at Midnight on Jan. 1, 2023

Schuler said this will allow sports bettors in the state to live bet on games still going on in the west coast on January 1.

“The common sense way to do this with absolute clarity, is that once the ball drops in Times Square, sports gaming can commence,” he said during today’s Ohio Casino Control Commission meeting.

The launch time announcement was the highlight of a busy commission meeting that drove home just how much current interest is in the Ohio sports betting market. Several industry experts believe Ohio could be as high as a top-five market in the country, and today’s updated license applications figures seem to provide more evidence that these expectations may come true.

Schuler revealed today that the commission has received 850 total applications from interested parties, entities, and employees who hope to get into the Ohio sports betting market. The commission updates the total number on the Friday of every week.

This is how the application totals break down into specific license categories:

Screenshot from Ohio Casino Control Commission meeting.

The initial window for Type-C licenses will close by end of day Aug. 15, but you can expect many more applications to flow into the Ohio Casino Control Commission. The Ohio Lottery Commission has pre-qualified 1,014 Ohio businesses that are eligible to host a kiosk.

Being pre-qualified does not ensure the business will automatically receive a sports betting kiosk license.

Streamlined application process

An Ohio Casino Control Commission web portal is now up and running to streamline the submission process, Schuler said. Hopeful license applicants can upload necessary materials through the portal and see the up-to-date status of their submissions.

This will hold applicants responsible for submitting all necessary materials the commission needs to make a final determination on their license request. If applications are incomplete, Schuler said, the entity runs the risk of not being eligible to participate during the Jan. 1, 2023, universal launch.

Schuler did stress that the commission would continue to accept applications, but due to the number of total applications any late submissions will likely not be eligible for the universal start date.

The commission will next meet on Wednesday, Aug. 17.