There’s no denying the B1G is one of the toughest conferences in college football, and this stat shows just how tough the schedule is for B1G teams.

According to Scott Dochterman with The Athletic, the B1G leads all conferences in terms of scheduling Power 5 opponents. By his numbers, 11 teams in the B1G will play 10 Power 5 opponents this season (not counting BYU). Additionally, three B1G teams will play 11 Power 5 opponents.

By contrast, no other conference has more than nine teams with at least 10 Power 5 opponents on the schedule (not counting BYU). The SEC does not have any teams with 10 Power 5 opponents on the schedule.

One thing that makes playing in the B1G so tough is the fact that teams play nine conference games. The Big 12 and Pac-12 also play nine conference games while the SEC and ACC play eight. That extra conference game alone makes for a tough enough schedule, and that is without adding in any high-profile, non-conference opponents.

The debate over which conference is the toughest in college football will continue to rage on. However, the B1G looks to be leading the way this season in terms of toughest schedules around.