Games aren’t played on paper. That’s the old coach cliché that nobody likes to hear in those weekly press conferences. But, in the media, we get to look at the stats and have a little fun with them.

And when you do a quick two-game comparison between Ohio State and Indiana as the two teams prepare to go toe to toe this weekend in Bloomington, there are actually some pretty interesting results.

It’s hard to judge anything after two games, especially when the Buckeyes have played two Group of Five opponents and Indiana has played a Group of Five team and an FCS squad. Sometimes, this early in the year, the numbers lie a bit. But it’s still interesting.

Here are some of the interesting statistics between the two teams as we head into a Week 3 B1G clash between the Buckeyes and Hoosiers:


  • Ohio State: 2-0
  • Indiana: 2-0

Total offense

  • Indiana: 514.5 yards per game
  • Ohio State: 488.5 yards per game

Scoring offense

  • Ohio State: 43.5 points per game
  • Indiana: 43.0 points per game

Total defense

  • Ohio State: 250.5 yards per game allowed
  • Indiana: 257.0 yards per game allowed

Scoring defense

  • Ohio State: 10.5 points per game allowed
  • Indiana: 12.0 points per game allowed

Number of shutouts this season

  • Indiana: 1
  • Ohio State: 1