Stephen A. Smith made sure to congratulate the winner of the national championship on Tuesday’s show. The only problem was that it was the wrong team.

Smith talked about how much of a disgrace the matchup between TCU and Georgia was, but praised Alabama instead of the Bulldogs.

Here’s all of what Smith said:

“What was that? What was that? What a disgrace,” said Smith. “Congratulations to Alabama, but damn! It would’ve been nice to see… I’m sorry I said Alabama because that’s what’s on my mind, I meant to say Georgia.”

Georgia humbled TCU by a score of 65-7 in Monday’s national championship. The Bulldogs have now won back-to-back national titles and joined the likes of Alabama, Oklahoma, USC, Nebraska Texas, Notre Dame, Army, and Minnesota as the only teams to do so.

It makes sense that Smith is used to the Crimson Tide being national champions with their recent success, but now Georgia is on top.