In the current financial boom era of college football, everyone is paying more.

The same is true for the ever-broke college student. tracked down exactly how much each B1G student pays for season tickets. Not surprisingly, the programs that consistently average 100,000-plus fans — Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State — were at the top.

Here’s the breakdown of each B1G team’s price for student season tickets:

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.27.38 PM

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It’s interesting to see how much more expensive Ohio State’s season tickets are. The $38 dollar bump might not seem like much for an entire season, but for a college kid, it adds up.

Other schools, like Maryland and Northwestern, technically don’t charge extra for student tickets. Instead, they’re factored into the tuition.

The other teams near the bottom of the B1G in attendance — Indiana and Illinois — actually have significantly cheaper student season tickets than Purdue, which averaged a conference-worst 37,508 fans in 2015. But Purdue still probably offers the best deal because basketball season tickets are included in that $99 fee.

Still, all of these prices are significantly lower than general admission season tickets. In other words, appreciate the discount while you can, students.