The NCAA and conferences across the country have already largely answered the college football and fall sports question. Most of those sports have been postponed until spring, some delayed “until further notice.” And now that those decisions have (mostly) been made, there’s been a shift to discussing the confidence level of having a college basketball season.

Stadium’s Jeff Goodman recently surveyed more than 250 college athletic directors at the Division I level, and an overwhelming majority are at least “somewhat confident” that there will be a college basketball season in 2020-21.

Per Goodman’s survey, 41.9% of all Division I ADs said they were “very confident” there will be some kind of season this academic year. An additional 54.6% said they were “somewhat confident.”

Only 3.5% expressed that they were “not at all confident” that basketball will be played this winter. That means that 96.5% think there’s a way basketball can be played at the college level, at least in some capacity.

In addition to a season, 97.3% of ADs voted that they are at least “somewhat confident” there will be an NCAA Tournament this year, with 2.7% saying they are “not at all confident.”

Last year, the NCAA made the difficult decision to cancel the March Madness tournament due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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