A large majority of athletic directors are concerned with the direction of NIL collectives, according to a recent survey. The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach reported on the news this week.

Per Auerbach’s story, many college ADs have expressed some level of concern about the use of NIL collectives. Several view it as “payments as improper recruiting inducements.” It’s viewed as a problem at the high school level, as well as through the transfer portal.

A whopping 90% of athletic directors surveyed had some level of concern about the NIL collectives. Even more surprising, 73% labeled their level as “extremely concerned.”

The survey was conducted by LEAD1 association.

NIL was approved last summer by the NCAA, allowing student-athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness. It completely changed the landscape of college athletics. Many athletic directors believe, if left unregulated, there could be more scandals hindering sports.

From The Athletic:

Most ADs surveyed (77 percent) believe that an unregulated NIL market will lead to more scandals, and 87 percent of respondents said they disagreed with NIL payments that are tied to an athlete solely being rostered on a team. Seventy-two percent said NIL payments should be tied to market value.

When the NCAA permitted NIL, very little guidelines were put in place. Because it has turned into somewhat of a free-for-all, the organization is working to implement guardrails and rules that create some level of order.