The Louisville-Florida State game had something interesting happen and it had nothing to do with both teams making a play.

A ref during the game had a pack of skittles during the game as he looked to be snacking between plays.

Sometimes when you’re hungry, skittles is the best medicine.

For the game overall, the Seminoles fell to 0-4 as the seat on Mike Norvell is only going to continue to get hotter. The Cardinals led FSU 31-13 at halftime before going into a bit of a shell in the 2nd half, but it ended up being enough as they won 31-23.

Cardinals Quarterback Malik Cunningham finished the day with 264 yards passing with 2 touchdown passes to 0 interceptions.

Elsewhere in the ACC, Clemson fell to 2-2 (and lost their College Football Playoff hopes along with it) as NC State upset them in overtime.

Even if the Tigers win the ACC Title, it’s unlikely that the CFP Committee would put a 2-loss team in the playoffs.