Oklahoma State may not have a top 10 recruiting class, but they still won the Early Signing Period. They did so with the best recruitment announcement video of the day.

And let’s be honest, probably ever.

A big day for Ray Gay got some special love from the creative team at Oklahoma State, as the three-star wide receiver out of Red Oak, TX had his signing with the program made official with a video tribute inspired by Tecmo Bowl. The classic video game, of course, is making a comeback as a pop culture icon.

The video game was unveiled in the late 1980s for the old Nintendo Entertainment System. Which means that Gay likely has never heard of Tecmo let alone played it.

Still, this is fun.

This video is simply inspired. Gay was a good choice given that his highlight reel includes a number of jaw-dropping moments.

All the highlights in the video show Gay as a wide receiver, even though he projects as a cornerback in Stillwater.

The No. 75 cornerback in the nation held offers from Navy and Rice as well as several Ivy League institutions. He’s been committed to the Big XII program since May.

Whoever created this video needs a raise. And a promotion.

And potentially a corner office.

And a Nintendo. So ends our demands.