Few things in life are certainties…death, taxes and…an investigation into Tennessee football every couple of years.

The Volunteers are under investigation (again), this time internally by their compliance department as well as by the NCAA. Improper benefits for players is at the center of the investigation, which is branching out to members of the coaching staff as well as recruiting and personnel.

The investigation, which started in early December, also includes current and former players.

According to 105.7 in Knoxville, the athletic department issued this following statement:

“In keeping with our institutional commitment to compliance, we often look closely at regulatory issues that are brought to our attention via internal or external channels. Maintaining compliance is a shared responsibility, and active monitoring is part of that process.”

This isn’t the first time that the program has been dragged through the mud over improper behavior.

Over two decades ago, Tennessee was accused of a massive cheating scandal. There was also a major lawsuit in 2016 that was settled, the lawsuit claiming a permissive attitude for student-athletes that led to claims of sexual assault.

And of course, there are claims of recruiting violations stemming back to former head coach Lane Kiffin.

This past September, a former Tennessee player accused the program of blackballing him.