When it comes to attendance figures for the 2018 college football season, B1G fans showed up more than any other in the country, according to recent statistics.

Monday morning, Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports recovered some interesting information from the NCAA regarding attendance figures for the 2018 season. The B1G had incredible turnouts from the start of the season until the very end.

According to Dodd’s discovery, 16 of the 17 most-attended college football games this season were in the B1G. That’s a pretty remarkable accomplishment, even if the conference is home to some of the largest stadiums in the sport.

The 16 games that were the most attended were not listed, but with Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State all holding over 100,000, it’s likely those three programs made up a majority of the list.

In that same conversation, there were four schools who saw attendance reach 100 percent capacity through the entirety of the season. Half of those came from the B1G.

According to Dodd and the NCAA, Nebraska and Michigan were two of the four schools whose attendance reached or exceeded 100 percent capacity for the entirety of the season. The other two were Oklahoma and Utah.

For 2017, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Nebraska all accomplished that goal.

So what does that tell you about B1G fans? Regardless of team performance, they’re showing up to home games every single Saturday. Even if the league does have the largest stadiums in the country, it still speaks volumes to the loyalty fans have to fill the seats each weekend.