Tim Brando probably put it in the best way possible: The Big Ten is in a quandary.

In his weekly “On Brando” video segment, the FOX Sports announcer dove into the Ohio State-Big Ten Championship game conundrum on what happens if the Buckeyes do not reach six games because of a potential cancellation of Saturday’s matchup with Michigan.

“I don’t know if Ohio State can get away with not playing Michigan this week,” Brando said. “Can an Ohio State team at 5-0 or 6-0 be enough?”

It’s a valid question. Currently, the Buckeyes sit at 5-0. They are scheduled to play Michigan. That is in question, however, as the Wolverines deal with a number of players missing due to injuries and COVID-19 protocol.

If Ohio State doesn’t play this game, the Buckeyes will have only played five games, which is one less than the league’s six-game minimum requirement in order to qualify for the Big Ten Championship game.

The absences due to injury/COVID protocol is also happening in Columbus, but Ohio State managed to play on Saturday despite those absences. Based on how the Buckeyes played against Michigan State, Brando believes Ohio State is a contender to be in the top four.

“Based on the way they played with all those absences, they’re looking strong,” Brando said.

It seems like the obvious fix here is to change the six-game rule, and Brando referenced that in his monologue.

“I can’t imagine a world where Ohio State wouldn’t qualify for the Big Ten championship but would be in the national championship hunt,” Brando said.

It’s odd, but it’s 2020, and it’s college football. A combination of weirdness hard to match.