Need a little SEC entertainment to brighten up your Friday? Well, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin has you covered.

Kiffin is usually a pretty entertaining figure in college football, unafraid to speak (or tweet) what’s on his mind. But this week’s humor doesn’t actually come from what the Rebels head coach had to say.

During Kiffin’s SEC Coaches Teleconference call this week, the head coach sounded like he was taking care of some business while talking about an upcoming game against Kentucky. And the call captured him flushing the toilet.

Below is the clip from Kiffin’s conference call:


Kiffin typically doesn’t care what other people think, so he’ll probably take the feedback in stride.

Ole Miss’s season started on Saturday, falling 51-35 to Florida at home. This week, the Rebels will take their first road trip of the season, making the trek to Lexington to play an 0-1 Kentucky squad.