On television, Roger Goodell’s job doesn’t look that difficult during the NFL Draft. His primary responsibility is to announce every draft pick once a team has made its selection.

There’s obviously more going on behind the scenes that we can’t see. And with this year’s draft being conducted virtually, there’s probably some added stress that Goodell is enduring, even if he’s in the comfort of his own home.

Goodell didn’t do a very good job hiding his exhaustion on Friday night, the second night of the three-day event. As the hours got later and the picks kept pouring in, the NFL commissioner went from a standing position to announce the draft picks to a comfortable chair in his basement.

At one point, Goodell even had his feet kicked up and was leaning back while reading the names. He was probably just a few seconds away from falling asleep, too.

Because there are so many eyeballs on the NFL Draft, there were plenty of photos taken of Goodell’s gradual decline throughout the night. It provided us with some solid entertainment:

Nobody can blame Goodell for wanting a nice place to relax, considering the first three rounds of the NFL Draft took nearly 10 hours to conclude. There’s been a lot of work involved, and handling the technological side probably hasn’t been that easy.

Hopefully the commissioner is rested and ready to go on Saturday for another long day of NFL Draft action. Maybe he’ll just start the show from his comfy chair.