While there’s still a ton of uncertainty regarding the future of college sports, the NCAA is still pushing ticket sales for the Final Four this year. An email was recently sent out from the association, according to ESPN’s Jay Bilas.

It’s not too surprising that the NCAA is still pushing Final Four ticket sales at this time. After all, the association endured a huge financial hit with the cancellation of last year’s men’s and women’s March Madness tournaments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An with the Final Four being a premier event in American sports, those tickets tend to go quickly.

However, the NCAA recently announced the cancellation of fall sports championships and is hoping to have those in the spring. Conferences still planning to have football in the fall are implementing attendance restrictions and attendance guidelines for games.

Assuming fans can attend the Final Four in 2021 seems like a bit of a stretch, at least based on current information. Then again, a lot can change over the course of a few months. Certainly we’ve learned that by now, right?

Currently, the 2021 Final Four is scheduled for April 3 and April 5 and will be held in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium.