Bowl season gets ramped up this week as we head toward New Year’s Day and the College Football Playoff!

The wild and weird 2020 season has maintained the same themes during the postseason with a host of bowls getting canceled. The B1G was not immune from these cancellations with Iowa seeing its Music City Bowl appearance canceled due to COVID-19 issues within the Missouri program.

Barring any additional setbacks, the B1G will hit the postseason Wednesday with Wisconsin’s Duke’s Mayo Bowl showdown with Wake Forest. Indiana, Northwestern, and Ohio State in the CFP semifinal are the other B1G teams still in line to play.

The Power Rank’s Ed Fang has released his model’s predictions for the postseason and it provides some interesting results. Among other things, it has Ohio State advancing to the CFP National Championship Game after beating Clemson.

Here are the full B1G picks:

Ohio State versus Clemson at a neutral site.
Ohio State (2) will beat Clemson (3) by 4.1 at a neutral site. Clemson has a 38% chance of beating Ohio State.

Mississippi versus Indiana at a neutral site.
Indiana (15) will beat Mississippi (25) by 5.0 at a neutral site. Mississippi has a 35% chance of beating Indiana.

Auburn versus Northwestern at a neutral site.
Auburn (9) will beat Northwestern (30) by 8.9 at a neutral site. Northwestern has a 26% chance of beating Auburn.

Wisconsin versus Wake Forest at a neutral site.
Wisconsin (13) will beat Wake Forest (57) by 12.7 at a neutral site. Wake Forest has a 18% chance of beating Wisconsin.

Notre Dame versus Alabama at a neutral site.
Alabama (1) will beat Notre Dame (8) by 18.8 at a neutral site. Notre Dame has a 10% chance of beating Alabama.