If you’re interested in getting in on the action for Week 2 of the Big Ten season, The Power Rank has you covered.

The Power Rank’s Ed Feng has released his model’s predictions for this weekend’s games.

Here’s a quick explainer of how he arrived at the projections below:

“The Power Rank uses data and analytics to make accurate predictions for football and March Madness. I developed these methods based on my PhD in applied math from Stanford.”

Here’s Feng’s take on the Big Ten Week 2 slate:

  • Ohio State will beat Penn State by 15.5 on the road. Penn State has a 13% chance of beating Ohio State.
  • Michigan will beat Michigan State by 15.5 at home. Michigan State has a 14% chance of beating Michigan.
  • Purdue will beat Illinois by 3.5 on the road. Illinois has a 40% chance of beating Purdue.
  • Iowa will beat Northwestern by 15.6 at home. Northwestern has a 13% chance of beating Iowa.
  • Indiana will beat Rutgers by 16.1 on the road. Rutgers has a 13% chance of beating Indiana.
  • Minnesota will beat Maryland by 21.0 on the road. Maryland has a 7% chance of beating Minnesota.

The first BIG game of the weekend gets underway Friday night as Maryland hosts Minnesota (6:30 p.m. CST/ESPN).