The Big Ten season so far has been anything but predictable. And heading into the conference’s fourth week of play, there is plenty of reason for intrigue.

The season is on the line for 0-3 Michigan in Ann Arbor this weekend against No. 13 Wisconsin. Penn State is looking to turn their slow start to the season around. And programs like Iowa and Minnesota are hoping to continue momentum from this past weekend.

The Power Rank’s Ed Feng has released his model’s predictions for this weekend’s games.

Here’s a quick explainer of how he arrived at the projections below:

“The Power Rank uses data and analytics to make accurate predictions for football and March Madness. I developed these methods based on my PhD in applied math from Stanford.”

Here’s Feng’s take on the Big Ten Week 4 slate:

  • Wisconsin will beat Michigan by 3.3 on the road. Michigan has a 40% chance of beating Wisconsin.
  • Iowa will beat Minnesota by 0.9 on the road. Minnesota has a 47% chance of beating Iowa.
  • Purdue will beat Northwestern by 2.0 at home. Northwestern has a 44% chance of beating Purdue.
  • Indiana will beat Michigan State by 6.8 on the road. Michigan State has a 31% chance of beating Indiana.
  • Rutgers will beat Illinois by 1.0 at home. Illinois has a 47% chance of beating Rutgers.
  • Penn State (11) will beat Nebraska (65) by 15.6 on the road. Nebraska has a 13% chance of beating Penn State.

And this one was cancelled due to COVID-19 but Feng was predicting that the No. 3 team in the nation would have gone a romp on Saturday…

  • Ohio State will beat Maryland by 34.7 on the road. Maryland has a 2% chance of beating Ohio State.