Most coaches want to win their home state when it comes to recruiting. Keeping local talent in-state is a huge aspect on the recruiting trail. According to a recent map put together by SB Nation, several B1G teams took care of business.

As if that wasn’t enough, several B1G teams won multiple states on the recruiting front this year. In total, 17 states were “won” by teams from the conference, according to the report.

Before we look at the states B1G teams won, here’s some of the rules SB Nation rolled out when putting together its annual map. From the website:

  • It’s subjective, to a point. One way to be totally objective would be to just count teams’ points on the 247Sports Composite, but that would reward quantity over quantity and unfairly penalize teams that went out of state for a lot of their talent.
  • So if Team A got five of the top nine players in State Z, that’s probably our winner.
  • Ratings are via the Composite, an industry-consensus measurement, unless otherwise noted. That’ll be when no player in a state has a Composite rating.

Here are the states that B1G teams won on the 2019 recruiting trail, according to those rules:

  • Michigan: Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada
  • Penn State: Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia
  • Wisconsin: Kansas, Wisconsin
  • Nebraska: Colorado, Nebraska
  • Purdue: Indiana
  • Iowa: Iowa
  • Illinois: Missouri
  • Minnesota: Minnesota
  • Michigan State: Michigan
  • Ohio State: Ohio

Eight B1G teams won their home state, which is the primary goal. Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin and Nebraska did exceptionally well in multiple states, expanding their brand.

To see the full breakdown, you can visit SB Nation.