Gamers and college football fans can rejoice. The long-awaited return of a college football video game appears to be on the horizon.

Tuesday afternoon, EA Sports fired off a tweet signaling the return of the popular NCAA Football video game. The last version to be released was NCAA Football 14, which hit store shelves in 2013. There’s been constant talk about the game potentially coming back, but there have been no serious talks about a realistic release of a new game until now.

“College football is coming back,” EA Sports said in the tweet.

Unfortunately, no date has been set on when the game will be released. It appears that it will return under the title “EA Sports College Football,” dropping the NCAA from the cover.

According to ESPN, EA Sports is planning to move forward without roster that include names, images or likeness of real student-athletes. The article states that discussions about a return for the game started over one year ago.

The details are vague, but EA Sports seems committed to bringing back one of the most popular sports video games on the market.