As another college football season draws to a close, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby continues to send out warning signals about the prospect of expanding the College Football Playoff.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Bowlsby expressed reservations about the CFP management committee’s—on which he serves—ability to come to a resolution on expansion in time for a new format to go into effect in 2024. The initial 12-year deal for the CFP runs through 2025.

“There remain some issues,” he said. “We have legitimate differences of opinion.”

Namely, the hold-up centers around the number of automatic bids that would/could/should be set aside for the current power conference champions. This season featured the first time in the CFP era that 3 of the 5 power conferences had a 2-loss champion. The number of automatic qualifiers (AQs) would impact field size and a host of other issues.

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said last week he is a “big believer” in automatic bids for the P5 champions. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey is outwardly opposed to the idea.

Here’s what Bowlsby had to say: