If the B1G wants to be part of the College Football Playoff conversation, there’s apparently a deadline by when its season needs to begin.

Following up on his initial report that the B1G could still play in October after commissioner Kevin Warren spoke with President Donald Trump, Dan Patrick clarified some of his comments during his show. He also explained why his source stated that an Oct. 10 start date was still on the table for the league.

“October 10th is the date that B1G teams are circling and that’s what they’re hoping for,” Patrick said during his show. The longtime radio host clarified that if updated medical tests and procedures, it’s a possibility the league can restart its season in a month, but the source said “don’t know if it will happen.”

“The reason why they said October 10th, and that’s a Saturday, is they want to be involved in the [College Football Playoff],” Patrick said. “That is the latest they can play and still get involved in the playoffs. There are teams that want to get started right now and be in position to be in the playoffs. There are definitely other schools in the B1G that don’t want to play.”

At this point, it seems unlikely that the B1G would reverse course and play in October. The presidents and chancellors voted 11-3 in favor of postponing the season until spring, and would need several of those decision-makers to change their minds in a very short period of time.

Yes, stranger things have happened, but this would be a monumental shift in thinking within a month of canceling fall football and other sports.

Below is the full clip from the Dan Patrick Show: