Everyone loves a good snack on game day!

When it comes to college football, there’s a number of reasons that make it great. The big rivalries, the various tailgating scenes, breakout performances, and hyped up student sections are just a few of the things that make the sport great.

One underrated part of the game-day experience is stadium food. Certain venues undeniably have better, or worse, spreads than others, and these venues were recently rated some of the best.

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Roger Sands with Forbes.com recently unveiled his list of the top 10 Best College Football Stadiums for Foodies. No. 1 on his list was Northwestern with Ohio State and Purdue making appearances as well. Though not a B1G conference stadium, it’s worth noting that the Rose Bowl was on the list.

What made Northwestern’s food scene stand out? A bit of diversity. Nachos, Asian meatballs, and an impressive steak sandwich were a few of the items that stood out to Sands.

Which stadium do you think has the best food around?