It’s fairly early to make College Football Playoff predictions for the upcoming season, especially with spring football canceled, eliminating at least one point of reference heading into the year. Still, ESPN has listed the teams with the best odds to reach next season’s four-team field.

Three B1G teams were included among those with the best odds to compete for a national title in 2020. Currently, there are eight programs that have been given a 20 percent chance or higher of playing in the College Football Playoff.

Here are those top eight teams, along with the percentages:

  • Clemson: 81.1%
  • Ohio State: 63.8%
  • Alabama: 58.7%
  • Wisconsin: 33.5%
  • Georgia: 25.7%
  • LSU: 23.7%
  • Penn State: 23.2%
  • Oregon: 22.4%

The B1G and SEC make up the largest chunk of the eight spots, accounting for six (three each). The ACC and Pac-12 account for one spot each in the top eight.

What are the chances those teams win the national championship this season? The order of the odds are similar:

  • Clemson: 35.6%
  • Ohio State: 20.6%
  • Alabama: 17.2%
  • Wisconsin: 5.5%
  • Georgia: 4.7%
  • LSU: 4.2%
  • Penn State: 3.5%
  • Oregon: 2.5%