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Students need to return to campus before football can start

It’s a pretty simple concept, but the College Football Playoff Management Committee wanted to make it clear to Vice President Mike Pence during a conference call on Wednesday: no students means no sports.

As much as the decision-makers are brainstorming ideas to get the 2020 college football season kicked off on time, it’s become increasingly more evident that the only way it will happen is if students are permitted to return to campus. It’s the obstacle that college athletics faces that professional leagues don’t have to navigate. That’s why, even if the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA Tour and other leagues getting the engine started on the giant sports machine, there could still be a delay at the NCAA level.

There’s still a lot of time before schools will have to make a decision on how fall classes will operate, and when that decision is made, we’ll have a clearer understanding of if college athletics can return as scheduled. In my opinion, the most likely scenario is that college campuses require all classes be made available with an online option, but students can choose to schedule in-person lectures, if they so choose.

If that happens, it would allow colleges to get the fall athletics season kickstarted. Whether or not that will be a legitimate option in the next few months is yet to be seen.

Ohio State continues to pull away in the recruiting rankings

Ryan Day and his staff continue to assemble one of the most dominant recruiting classes in the program’s history, and could potentially be one of the best college football has ever seen by the time it’s all over. On Wednesday, the Buckeyes added another top 50 prospect, bringing its 2021 class to 16 members and reinforcing its No. 1 ranking in 247Sports Composite rankings.

Ohio State landed a verbal pledge from four-star defensive end Tunmise Adeleye, who is listed as the No. 4 strong-side defensive end and the No. 41 overall prospect in the 2021 class. He’s the fifth player ranked in the top 50 to commit to Ohio State. The Buckeyes now have 11 players listed in the top 100 who have verbally pledged.

The Buckeyes have been able to take advantage of the recruiting limitations by selling three B1G titles, the prospect of becoming a high NFL Draft pick and outstanding facilities. Without players having the ability to visit other campuses, Ohio State is at a huge advantage.

That’s not to say Ohio State wouldn’t still be raking in top talent like it is this recruiting period, but it gives Day and his staff even more of an advantage against other programs.

An optimistic message from University of Nebraska President Ted Carter

There have been plenty of varying messages over the last few weeks regarding the start of the college football season. And while it’s important to remain realistic with expectations, it’s also fine to take a positive approach. That’s the route Nebraska President Ted Carter is taking.

On a recent interview with Sports Nightly, Carter said he remains optimistic that students will be permitted to return to campus in Lincoln for fall classes and that NCAA athletics will resume. He did admit a delay to the initial start date could be a possibility.

“Right now, we’re still five months plus away. There’s still a lot that’s going to happen,” Carter said. “But I’m optimistic for two things, one is that we’ll be able to bring students back to the campus in the fall. …And then of course, how do we get back to the sports that we love? I think there’s a chance that they may not start exactly on time depending on what the situation is, but I think there’s a great desire to get back to NCAA football.”

It’s refreshing to hear an optimistic, yet realistic, approach to everything.