FOX College Football analyst Tim Brando shared a harsh criticism of the College Football Playoff Committee after Week 11.

The initial CFP Rankings definitely had plenty of question marks throughout. For example, Baylor (No. 12) and Minnesota (No. 17) debuted outside the Top 10, despite being undefeated. Meanwhile, Florida came in at No. 10 despite two losses. There were six, two-loss teams ranked ahead of undefeated Minnesota.

During his segment for FOX CFB, Brando harped on the fact that the Committee put so many one-loss and two-loss teams ahead of two, undefeated Power 5 schools. According to Brando, it creates a huge problem for the Committee:

“November’s are to remember, and this year, the College Football Playoff we’ll forever remember because they are in deep, deep trouble,” said Brando. “Whatcha gonna do, College Football Playoff Committee? What are you gonna do when you’ve got this many teams ahead of one of your five undefeated?”

Brando’s argument is a legitimate one as Minnesota’s win over No. 4 Penn State proved the Gophers are a dangerous and complete team. But the argument by Brando is presented in a rather bizarre fashion. While we agree with the sentiment, it’s honestly hard to follow along as he makes the case for Baylor and Minnesota to be ranked higher than they are.

Check it out:

Hopefully, the CFP Committee takes care of its own problem and ranks Baylor and Minnesota in the Top 10 this week.